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    Sean Marchant

    Board President

    Sean Marchant grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah where he attended Granite High School and then graduated with a degree in Horticulture and Business from Utah State University.

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    Jeff & Sonia Henkel


    Jeff and Sonia Henkel are the Founders of Columbus Adult Education Center (CAEC). They currently serve as Board members for CAEC (Jeff as Vice president).

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    John and Muriel Lilly

    Administrative Directors / Board members

    John, originally from Lowell, Mass., is a graduate of University of Massachusetts Lowell, with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature.

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    Dr. C. Matthew Peterson

    C. Matthew Peterson, M.D. has worked closely with the Karen and Karenni refugees in Utah the last five years with his wife, Pauline. They appreciate the strength and courage shown by the Karen and...

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    Tyson Smith

    As President of Reading Horizons, Tyson Smith has guided the North Salt Lake-based company into becoming a national and international education publishing enterprise.

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    Pook Carson, PhD

    Pook Carson has spent the last fourteen years helping people from a wide variety of backgrounds lift themselves up as a Professor of Business Management at Salt Lake Community College and...

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    Amber Feigleson

    Amber Feigleson is an avid reader and has been as long as she can remember. Her parents started her early with “My Goodnight Book,” “The Hobbit,” and everything in between.

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    Silvia Araoz

    Silvia Araoz grew up in Lima, Peru. She came to the United States in 2013 and graduated in Legal Studies. She serves as Executive Director at Everywhere Hope.

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    Luz Gamarra

    Luz Gamarra obtained a Master’s and Ph.D. in Law and Political Science from Peru, where she worked as a prosecutor for over 7 years prior to moving to the United States.

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    Rolando Ruano

    Rolando N. Ruano is an Associate Attorney at Barrera Legal Group Immigration and Criminal law firm in Idaho and New York where he serves as the lead attorney in the Nampa Idaho office.

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    Blair and Marco Kunz

    Blair and Marco serve as the Self-Reliance Directors in the South Salt Lake Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. After working in New York City for several years, they settled in Utah to raise their family.

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    Madeleine Clark

    Madeleine Clark grew up in Sacramento, California and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah for college in 2010. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Utah in Anthropology with a Health Emphasis, and...

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    Zeyad Al Mafraji

    Zeyad Al Mafraji, had Bachelor degree on business management from Iraq, Certificate of Accounting Clerk from Salt Lake Community College, Case management certificate from University of Utah, Leadership...

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